Make Money Selling Links On Your Gambling Related Website

Whether you are a new webmaster in the gambling niche or a seasoned pro with an existing website, we are interested in talking with you about potential advertising. We have many big clients in the gambling space and are always looking for ways to increase our clients online branding and traffic.

The idea here is to give webmasters who have websites relevant to those of our clients the opportunity to earn some money by posting an article that contains a couple links. One to our clients website and another to a relevant authority website. This ends up being a win win for both parties. Webmasters get a chance to bring some dollars in the door, and our clients are able to increase their traffic and branding on the internet.

How It Works

Make Money

Guidelines – Exactly What We Are Looking For

Please note we are only interested in permanent incontent links in the form of an article or blog post.

1. Quality – we are only interested in quality websites. If the content is junk, please don’t waste our time or yours. If you have a junk network with a bunch of low quality websites using aristeer themes or similar, don’t waste our time. We won’t be interested.

2. Relevancy – this one is a little tricky. We are mostly interested in Casino, Poker, Sports, Bingo or anything else directly related/relevant to gambling. However we will also entertain non gambling websites as long as they are high quality. For example if you have a blog related to technology or mobile phones, while that isn’t directly related to gambling, it would still appeal to us since most of our clients have websites related to mobile casinos. So even if your website isn’t directly related to gambling, we are still open to working something out as long as we can find a creative way to integrate relevant and interesting content that appeals to your site audience, while still keeping it somewhat relevant to our client’s website theme.

3. Pricing – we have many metrics that we look at in order to come up with a fair price. These include your domain authority, your current backlink profile, your content quality ect…. However if you are a fairly new website that is just getting off the ground, don’t let that discourage you from contacting us. We are still interested even if you don’t have much domain authority.  We just ask that your content is high quality.

We really don’t want to waste anyones time, so the prices for posting an article for us will range from $25 all the way up to $300 depending on certain metrics we look at when evaluating your website.  I can tell you we aren’t here to nickel and dime anyone and will try to come up with a dollar figure that works for both parties.

Payment: Payment will only be made via paypal.

Specific Niches We Are Interested In

We Buy Links For Casino, Poker, Sports, Bingo, Horses, Entertainment And Technology Related Websites

We are interested in all types of links from gambling related websites.  Whether your website is about blackjack, slots, casino bonuses, poker, sports or similar, we are interested in what you have to offer assuming it’s a quality website.

Do keep in mind that your website doesn’t need to be specifically related to gambling.  For example if you run a quality website that covers sports news, or a football fan website, we are still interested in potential advertising with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is responsible for writing the content? We prefer “you” the webmaster writes the content. However that is not set in stone. We can provide the content, but the price you receive will be a tad lower compared to if you wrote the content yourself.

2. What is the process for getting started? We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible. Simply fill out the contact form below and include all the necessary information, and we will get back to you asap with a genuine offer.

3. Are you accepting new clients? Unfortunately we are not taking on any new clients at the moment.  We have all we can handle trying to get our current clients more exposure, traffic and increased branding.

Contact US

Please fill out the following information and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an offer.

Unfortunately we don’t have a contact form anymore due to an overwhelming amount of morons who have the brains of a fucking rock thinking their 2005 seo strategy of spamming actually works.  These are big time losers who don’t know what else to do because they’ve never had an original thought in their life. Maybe one day you fucking idiots will come to the realization that there is a reason you live in your parents basement and only make $20 a month.